Gligor Bishev, PhD

  • Chairman of the Council for Education and Strategic Research, Chamber of Commerce, North Macedonia

Bishev Gligor, graduated and received Ph.D. degree in monetary economics from the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. He has completed specializations, postdoctoral studies at the Vienna Institute for International Comparative Studies, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the IMF Institute, the Central Bank of England, the Central Bank of Austria and the Central Bank of France.

He started his career as a central banker – Deputy Governor of the National Bank of North Macedonia, and then continued as a commercial banker: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stopanska Banka Skopje and Sparkasse Bank Skopje. He participated in the creation of the Macedonian currency, stabilization programs, financial sector reform, payment systems and risk management and supervisory standards. He is a professor at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep. For many years he taught postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. Also he is President of the Council for Education and Studies at the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia and a  member of the Business Council of the American College. He was co-chair of the Second Working Table of the Stability Pact, President of the Banking Association and Vice-President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. He has published 380 scientific and professional articles in the field of monetary economics, banking, balance sheet, international economic relations and competitiveness.

At the Conference, he will present the plenary lecture entitled: Financing Sustainable Growth.